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        Product description

        Juventus 3 zip case, equipped with everything you need for school. Equipped with three compartments with zipper, custom metal puller, elastic pencil holders and pen holder, rubber label with the Juventus logo and the Italian tricolor flag label.

        • 18 Pastels in lead colours 4.0
        • 18 Washable felt pens
        • 1 Blue erasable pen
        • 1 Red erasable pen
        • 1 Two-tone yellow and orange fluorescent pencil
        • 1 graphite pencil
        • 1 Rubber
        • 1 Sharpener barrel with 2 holes
        • 1 Glue stick
        • 1 transparent ruler
        • 1 Metal scissors with plastic handle

        • 12.5 x 19.7 x 7 cm

        Made of 100% polyester

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